Innervision FM: a place for grass roots and disabled musicians to produce their own music

Innervision FM

a place for grass roots and disabled musicians to produce their own music

Johnnie J's book: " 6 Shades of Blindness "
is available for pre-order here in the Kindle Store

Innervision is playing the music of our artists from the canceled Mercury Café Benefit on our Top 20 Count down here on this site.

You may vote via text, or voice call: 720 324-8871.

You can also help these artists out with donations of $5 or more as they lost the pay out of sales from March CDs and stipend from the April 18 Benefit concert for Innervision a 501(c3).

D.J. Pate, Sweet G & the Krew, Deangelo T.

Artist Donation

Innervision and Zoom Presents Social Freedom Fundraiser and CD release party!!!

Deangelo T and D.J. Mattern CD release party: Sweet G & The Crew, Thatsany, special guest "TBA"!

Saturday, October 10, 2020.

Sweet G and Daughter
Sweet G and Daughter
Thatsany Walking Down The Sidewalk

Zoom opens at 6:50pm.
Music starts at 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

$15. VIP $10.

Join our Zoom and we will send you the link one day before the concert.

Join us for fun, dance and your food!

40% goes to the artists.
60% of proceeds goes to Innervision, working with disabled musical artists to teach the business of music!

Listen Here Live

Here's the Innervision FM Radio Sunday Show Downloadable Replay!

Friday at 6:00pm and Sunday at 9:00am
On KUVO 92.9FM

This is a special installment of our count down and we need you to vote!

You see the list of artists below and when you click on the Spreaker link you will hear them.

So, text your vote to 720-324-7278.

You can also leave your voice vote and you might hear it on one of our upcoming shows!

Now at the end of thirteen weeks, one of three top artists will win between $200 and $500 Sponsored by Denver School of Rock!

On today's show I will talk about: COMBO Winners 2019

Sunday's Playlist includes:
Brett Boyer - Taking you to a new level - Inner FM promo - 00:21
Johnnie J. - - 02:42
Joel Ashmore - World Gone Cray - 04:35
Johnnie J. - - 00:43
Justin Faye - Bree Tree - 04:39
Denver School of Rock - 00:52 Call them: 720 221 6991
Ellen and George W Bush at the Dallas Cow Boys Game - 02:06
Cass Clayden - 04:20
Johnnie J. - 01:28
Isabelle Stillman - 04:16
Brett Boyer - When you hear new innervision - 00:21
Michell Roderick - 03:54
Johnnie J. - 01:15
Jim Seely - Roll the dice - 03:40:
Denver School of Rock - 00:52:
Brett Boyer - You say new innervision - 00:21:
Laurie Dameron - Do you think of me - 03:39
Johnnie J. - - 02:23
Erick Peterson - Dark sky - 03:13
Brett Boyer - The hippest public charity in Colorado new innervision liner - 00:21
Erik Nelson - Rendezvous for two - 03:23
Johnnie J. - - 01:36
Robert Hojaboom - A house divided - 03:35
Brett Boyer - new innervision contemporary christian radio liner - 00:33
Gorden Louis - Accordion Caravan - 01:53
Johnnie J. - - 00:47
Patrick Flynn - 40 hours - 03:16 Johnnie J. - - 00:12
Brett Boyer - Christian Brothers Moving Co. - 00:31
Steve Son - That rockin B - 03:11
Johnnie J. - - 02:32
Jeffrey Dallet - Mile High Lament - 03:59
Denver School of Rock - 00:52 Call them: 720 221 6991
Daniel Houser - She takes on to me - 02:03
Johnnie J - - 01:47
Sloan Robison - Closer - 04:41
Brett Boyer - When you hear new innervision liner - 00:21
Cass Clayton - B side - 03:32
Johnnie J. - - 02:08
Don Gnecco - Love lifts me up high - 03:23
innervision car spot 6 10 2016 - Brett Boyer - 01:18
Joel Ashmore - Truth is dead - 04:11
Johnnie J. - - 02:10
Isabelle Stillman - 04:14
Denver school of Rock - 00:52
Jennifer Udema - End of Innervision FM show - 01:38

Have credit card debt?
Call us now at (888) 873-2421 or click:

Mention: Johnnie W Johnson at 1255 Galapago St. Denver, Co 80204
Innervision will recieve a $100 donation if you sign up.

Then send an email to: so we know you signed up.

photo of Johnnie by the Moscow River
Johnnie J.
Moscow River
1 John 4:7

Dear friends, let us love one another, because love comes from God. Everyone who loves has become a child of God and knows God.

New International Reader's Version (NIRV)
* * * * * * * * *
Hebrews 10:24

Let us consider how we can stir up one another to love. Let us help one another to do good works.

New International Reader's Version (NIRV)

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Innervision FM is looking for a sales person who can develop positive relationships with businesses and churches.

Must be able to make cold calls and create leads.

Someone who can set goals and meet them, and is a good manager of their time.

We are looking for a remote sales person who has access to a computer, cell phone and reliable internet connection.

This position will start out as commission-based, but as you bring in revenue it will develop into an hourly plus commission with benefits.

Innervision FM is an equal opportunity employer. All people are welcome to apply.

Contact us:

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