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Innervision FM: a place for grass roots musicians and musicians with disabilities to produce their own music


The mission of Innervision is to fund an after-school program for blind youth and a continuing education program for blind adults; to teach the on-air and the business side of running a community internet podcast station; to bring live and prerecorded podcasts, featuring musical artists and disabled news programs, to enrich the Denver community.

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I am inviting you to join me on Dlive, right now.
My user name is "johnniepossi".

In the next 30 days I want to change it to "JohnnieInnervisionFM".

Johnnie J's book:
"6 Shades of Blindness"
is available for pre-order here
in the Kindle Store.

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We have 9 Artists who have entered our 200 Bill Board Contest.

You still have time to be a part of our mix tape, win cash, and get international concerts and radio play with Innervision FM!

Innervision FM knows how to get your music into the top 200 Bill Board and, once you get there, we will book the winners to do either United States, Europe, or Zoom concerts!

Pick your best song
Edit it for radio broadcast, that means cut out all cuss words
Write out all the lyrics to the song
Submit it to this email
Pay your submission fee of $10.00 through

This is how you will win either $500, or $1000.
Innervision FM will do the paper work to get your music registered for the Top 200 Bill Board where radio stations.
Podcasters and club owners pick songs to add to their top 40 play list.
Clubs pay money to book up and coming artists and where the Bill Board Award show will choose nominees!

The goal is to build a BUZZ around your music and get your fans to buy 250 or more of your single that will be on our Innervision FM Mixed Tape.

If you missed my Zoom show that covered this topic watch it here now:

All submissions are due by August 16th, 2021.
Our judges will pick the top 12 songs from these submissions. We will base it on your fans votes.

Remember: the GOAL is for YOU to put together your street team of family, friends and loyal fans!
We have 4 slots left and here are the artist that will be on the mix tape:
  • Anthony Romo Fresh Oil From Heaven - That Mountain Remix
  • Kwan Mathis
  • JSMiley - It is Over-Now
  • Dewade Gold - MAKE A WAY
  • Featuring Sweet G - Hallowstream
  • FT react sloy altok am ikaze - pray in in the light
  • Papa Scripture - just a winter storm
  • Reflection
  • Laurie Dameron - Goodnight Sweet Baby Sweet Dreams
In order to have your songs on iTunes and Amazon and all other stores, the stores need a 3 week time to process Innervision Compilation 2021.
The release date will be September 10th at Noon!
So tell your family, friends and fans to add your song to their spotify list and buy your $0.99 song.

If you have zero fans now, we have Zoom classes that will help you to build your fan base! (Click the link now to get your fan base started)

All Votes must be in by Monday, August 27th, 2021.
The 12 Winners will be featured Monday, September 13th on our 6pm Zoom Live Stream.

Monday through Thursday, 6:00pm to 6:30pm MT.
Listen, watch, and call in to my Podcast show on Zoom!

Subscribe and share our YouTube Innervision FM,
InnevisionFM, - Johnnie Johnson JohnnieInnervisionFM.

Denver Comcast 56 TV, Wednesday 8:00pm.

Innervision FM-TV is a place where you can have American constitutional freedom of speech!

Allen and I will talk about many topics. You can join us on Zoom/FB live four nights a week.
Tip the hosts at

And join us on - zoom

Meeting ID: 952 743 3282

One tap mobile
+1-253-215-8782, 952-743-3282 # US (Tacoma)
+1-346-248-7799, 952-743-3282 # US (Houston)

Dial by your location
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Washington D.C)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 929 436 2866 US (New York)

Meeting ID: 952 743 3282

Find your local number:

Listen to our radio station Innervision FM.

If you are an artist, submit a song for our Thursday 6:00pm battle of the band/artists: "Listen and win cash!"

Go here to buy and review my book.

Innervision is playing the music of our artists from the canceled Mercury Café Benefit on our Top 20 Count down here on this site.

You may vote via text, or voice call:720-324-7278.

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Contact us:

Feedback & Request Line: 720-324-7278
(keep it under 2 minutes)

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Have credit card debt?
Call us now at (888) 873-2421
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Mention: Johnnie W Johnson at 1255 Galapago St. Denver, Co 80204
Innervision will recieve a $100 donation if you sign up.

Then send an email to: so we know you signed up.

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Innervision T-Shirts

Tell us what size, color, male or female and Innervision will ship one or more t-shirts to you!
Only $35.00 - ten day turn around with shipping cost of $5 for one shirt.

Save when buying more than five Innervision t-shirts!

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We are now offering spaghetti string t-shirts for ladies.

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Innervision FM is looking for a sales person who can develop positive relationships with businesses and churches.

Must be able to make cold calls and create leads.

Someone who can set goals and meet them, and is a good manager of their time.

We are looking for a remote sales person who has access to a computer, cell phone and reliable internet connection.

This position will start out as commission-based, but as you bring in revenue it will develop into an hourly plus commission with benefits.

Innervision FM is an equal opportunity employer. All people are welcome to apply.

Contact us:

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