Innervision FM: a place for grass roots and disabled musicians to produce their own music

Innervision FM

a place for grass roots and disabled musicians to produce their own music

Innervision FM is looking for music for our Top 20 count down!

Starting October 10 and ending on November 24, we need pictures: 14 by 14, bios, t-shirt size and artists with a fan base of 20, or more to do a top 20 count down where your fans will use this number 720-324-7278 to text in their vote for your song!

We need you to email us your radio edited song through our web site. Thursday we will send out a DropBox mp3 of our show to rank your song.

During 6 weeks, and at the end, the top three will win: cash prizes, a radio interview, booking for one of our live shows in 2020, and an InnervisionRecords t-shirt!

InnervisionFM is creating a virtual recording booth for authors and businesses to help them promote their books and businesses. We need your feedback in a short survey!

Audio Books:

Audio Recordings For Small Businesses:

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Here's the Innervision FM Radio Sunday Show Downloadable Replay!

Friday at 6:00pm and Sunday at 9:00am
On KUVO 92.9FM

This is the fifth installment of our count down and we need you to vote! You see the list of artists below and when you click on the drop box link you will hear them. So, text your vote to (720) 324-7278.

You can also leave your voice vote and you might hear it on one of our upcoming shows!

Now at the end of ten weeks, one of three top artists will win between $200 and $500!

Download the Audio HERE

On today’s show I will talk about: Innervision FM Top 20 Count Down P5
Sunday's Playlist includes: Brett Boyer - Taking you to a new level - Inner FM promo - 00:17
Johnnie J. - - 02:24
Fingers T - The Man In Black - 07:14
Johnnie J. - - 00:53
Terry Deschain - Welcome to our star ship - 03:35
innervision car spot 6 10 2016 - Brett Boyer - 01:18
The Rebel - Awakened - 05:45
Johnnie J. - - 01:09
Mr. Dean - Grace(feat. Dalmation and Eloni Yawn) - 02:58
innervision car spot 6 10 2016 - Brett Boyer - 01:18
Dre 313 - Shining under pressure - 02:59
Johnnie J. - - 01:33
JSmiley - It's Over Now - 03:02
Brett Boyer - The hippest public charity in Colorado new innervision liner 3 - 00:21
Kimberlee Jo Eaton, Lyrics/Brian Leedy, Music - Angels Among Us - 03:31
Johnnie J. - - 01:28
D.J. Pate - Not Like You - 02:40
Ellen and George W Bush at the Dallas Cow Boys game - 02:05
Brett Boyer - You say new innervision liner - 00:21
Gregory Goodloe - Stylin' - 04:00
Johnnie J. - - 01:14
REFLECTION - The great divide - 04:09
Brett Broyer - Christian Brothers Moving Co. - 00:30
Johnnie J. - - 01:50
Sweet G - Hallowstream Featuring Sweet G - 02:47
Kid Rock PSA - Steal everything - 01:45
Brother Rich - Just breathe - 03:45
Johnnie J. - - 01:10
Love Again - 04:57
Brett Boyer - Christian Brothers Moving Company - 00:31
Warren Nices Boucanger - I am with you - 05:02
Johnnie J. - - 01:31
Anthony Romo - Fresh Oil from Heaven - That Mountain Remix - 03:44
Kaden Jordan Interview - 16:02
Brett Boyer - When you hear new innervision liner - 00:20
One Spark - Kaden Jorden - 03:35
Johnnie J. - - 01:05
Wayne Turner - Little Hater - 04:16
Brett Boyer - You say new innervision liner - 00:20
Deangelo T - Exodus - 04:18
Johnnie J. - - 03:10
Kanye West - Closed on Sunday - 02:32
Johnnie J. - - 01:33
Mike Johnson - sunset highways - 03:53
innervision car spot 6 10 2016 - Brett Boyer - 01:18
Jennifer Udema - End of Innervision FM show - 01:38

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Then send an email to: so we know you signed up.

photo of Johnnie by the Moscow River
Johnnie J.
Moscow River
1 John 4:7

Dear friends, let us love one another, because love comes from God. Everyone who loves has become a child of God and knows God.

New International Reader's Version (NIRV)
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Hebrews 10:24

Let us consider how we can stir up one another to love. Let us help one another to do good works.

New International Reader's Version (NIRV)

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